Komunitas Association is a partner of the second edition of the Fair of citizenship.

Under the slogan “For people with sixth sense – civic sense”, Resource Center for Public Participation (CeRe) organizes the second edition of the fair on 20 June 2015, between 16.00 – 20.00 in the Garden Verona Cărtureşti Bookshop.

CeRe encourages clotting civic initiatives in the capital, and an opening of the Bucharest people for involvement in public decisions, to solve various problems facing the community. The purpose of the event is to increase the visibility of citizens’ initiatives at the neighborhood level, bringing them to the attention of the general public. It is also an opportunity for groups to get to know neighborhoods and lay the foundations for future collaboration.

The fair was attended by 15 citizens’ initiative groups in Bucharest, and numerous non-governmental organizations.

The second edition of the fair is organized by CeRe within the “civic Bucharest – citizens with critical sense” project funded by the NGO in Romania.

Author: Asociatia

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