If you want to get involved as a volunteer in our projects and actions, you can contact us at the following address:

voluntar.komunitas at gmail.com

Ideal profile of a Komunitas volunteer:

• Having interests, (small) experiences or passions related to the following fields: urban and social anthropology, architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, human geography, psychology, social work, sociology, arts, media (photography and documentary film making), journalism;

• Possessing curiosity, open-mindness, honesty and the desire to contribute to the process of social change through small steps;

• Possessing critical thinking and empathy;

• Having the willingness to interact with teenagers and children (aged between 11 and 17 years) to transmit them knowledge and to teach them various things;

•Having communication and writing skills (eg writing press releases, reports of certain activities etc)

•Having the willingness to engage in the coordination of open air socio-cultural events organized by the association;

• Fluently speaking English;

•Having abilities for working with digital graphics;

•Having social media abilities, in order to help promoting the association in the online environment;

• Having the willingness to help in finding sponsors for the association activities.