Project Give your school color! It is an educational program pilot participatory type of art mural in schools on topics related to human rights, social inclusion, combating discrimination or hate speech.

Students, teachers, visual artists and facilitators will help transform the seven schools in Bucharest and Cluj, Ilfov and Teleorman Mures, in some more creative, more innovative and welcoming.

The project aims to create a model pilot innovative art program participatory type mural, in which 105 young 7 teachers from seven schools in Romania, five facilitators and 7 visual artists will work together in artistic projects participating to express democratic values , cultures and perspectives.

Transfiguration of schools will be achieved through direct involvement of students in non-formal activities to promote democratic values and participatory art interventions designed to empower them in relation to their communities and to develop the skills of active citizenship.

Following the project, in addition to 105 students will have skills developed civic participation will result 7 murals participatory large on issues of human / child rights, a documentary, a best practice guide and a model pilot participatory art that can constitute in the future a starting point for complex programs with a wider national coverage and institutional support, designed to transform in some Romanian schools with an ethos and a physical environment friendly school.

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