Edu Lab Romania’s public position – department of Komunitas Association, to the new Rules of Organization and Functioning of Pre-University Education (ROFUIP), approved by the Minister of Education no. 5.115 / 2014

Edu Lab Romania considers that the new ROFUIP is a document which, in content and form, continues the tradition of a vision exceeded on education, a super model – centralized, which does not take account of local conditions at each school and individuality of its community education.

In our opinion, such a document should not be a long and bushy, but should present few clear information, coupled with other laws and regulations in force (Constitution, the Education Act, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, CNE rules etc.) the general functioning of schools, as elements of a national education system and the main issues the mandatory general organization and administration.

Based on this general framework, each school, according to its specificity and the community in which it resides, you should consult with teachers, students and parents and, together, develop rules and regulations specific details, which to them and undertake to respect and to ensure their proper functioning and common core purpose – unlocking the potential and progress of each student of his.

In this context, Edu Lab Romania emphasizes once again the need to initiate a process of decentralization of pre-university education system and granting more autonomy to schools in line with European and international trends.

Edu Lab Romania supports and public positions of Active Watch and the National Students Council.

Author: Asociatia

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