Urban education is an interdisciplinary method developed by Komunitas Association, which brings together elements of anthropology, urban planning and urban activism, in order to familiarize young people with basic concepts related to built environment, use of public space, urban planning, urban anthropology, but also with civic activism, commitment and responsibility towards the city and the communities in which they live.

Throughout the years, we have designed and developed various non-formal education methods related to all the urban fields mentioned above. Our urban education objectives are:

1. Stimulating curiosity of young people towards the city, which we regard as a living entity, continuously changing, that can be observed, analyzed, modeled and improved;
2. Understanding the mechanisms of various social, cultural, economic and political processes that put their mark on urban landscape and urban life in general;
3. Initiating a reflexive process that aims to persuade young people to engage to their city as active citizens, able to participate in decision making process.